Legal Aid of Oklahoma 

Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. (LASO) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that provides civil legal assistance to low-income persons throughout Oklahoma. LASO was born in 2001 when Legal Aid Services of Eastern Oklahoma, Inc. and Legal Aid of Western Oklahoma were merged to create a unified program for the state. LASO maintains 18 offices throughout Oklahoma. Individuals can apply for assistance at

A Way Home for Tulsa

A Way Home for Tulsa is a collective impact of over 30 voting organizations that exists to plan and implement strategies that support a system of outreach, engagement, assessment, prevention and evaluation for those experiencing homelessness, or those persons at risk of homelessness, within Tulsa City/County.

Tulsa County Bar Association Court Assistance Project

The Tulsa County Bar Association (TCBA) is a valuable resource for both the legal profession as well as for members of the Tulsa community. From continuing legal education and support services, to our lawyer referral services, TCBA is  dedicated to helping its members achieve their goals, and to promoting public awareness and keeping the legal system accessible to all.

The Tulsa County Bar Association Court Assistance Project (CAP) is a partnership with Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, the Tulsa County District Court and local law firms and volunteer lawyers to provide representation for parties in Forcible Entry and Detainer (eviction) actions in Tulsa County.

The goal of each case is to negotiate a good outcome for the low-income client to avoid losing housing or access to low-income housing.

Oklahoma Access to Justice Commission and Foundation

The Oklahoma Access to Justice Commission works to develop and implement policy initiatives designed to expand access to and enhance the quality of justice in civil legal matters for low-income Oklahoma residents. The Oklahoma Access to Justice Foundation identifies resources, collaborates, and builds programs to achieve the Commission’s goal of meaningful access to justice.

Early Settlement Mediation Program

Since 1982, Early Settlement has offered individuals the opportunity to voluntarily resolve disputes before getting involved in costly, and often lengthy, legal proceedings. In short, the Early Settlement program provides a confidential, but formal, out-of-court mediation service to help individuals settle disputes. In over 75 percent of the cases handled by Early Settlement, both parties reach a lasting, mutually acceptable resolution. This program is governed under the regulations and guidelines of the Oklahoma Dispute Resolution Act.