The following section will help you to navigate the available legal resources. If you need further information or explanation for any of the topics listed below please contact us. 

Legal Resources

Know Your Rights


Knowledge is power. The Housing Solutions Landlord Tenant Resource Center has a staff lawyer available to discuss your rights as a tenant in Oklahoma. There is no fee associated with this service. Call the Landlord Tenant Resource Center at 918-218-4138 to schedule a time to speak with a lawyer.  

You can also find information on tenant rights at Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc., the Oklahoma Bar Association and the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network 

Brief Legal Advice/Court Process

If you are not currently represented by a lawyer, and would like to talk to a lawyer to get brief legal advice or to learn more about what to expect at court in Tulsa County please contact the Landlord Tenant Resource Center at 918-218-4138. There is no cost for this service. If you need a lawyer to assist you in court, please visit the Tulsa County Bar Association lawyer referral program. 

Tulsa County Bar Association 

If you want to hire a private lawyer to assist you please visit the Tulsa County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service. You can also visit the Oklahoma Bar Association Find a Lawyer page.  

Early Settlement Mediation  

The Early Settlement Mediation Program provides free mediation to resolve concerns between landlords and tenants, including non-payment of rent. The Early Settlement Mediation Program is sponsored by Tulsa County and the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Tenants and landlords can apply to this free program as soon as the dispute develops. You don’t need to wait for a missed rent payment or for an eviction to be filed. Complete the intake form and email it to